Multilingual AI Data Annotation

Human-powered Data Labeling

Data annotation is the process of labeling data by hand to help machines learn to identify objects within data sets. Our global network of resources at DK can provide customized annotation solutions to fit your machine learning needs. We pre-process your data with metadata tags to create clean and usable data sets for your AI training programs.

Text Data Labeling

In addition to simple text strings, data labeling also adds metadata tags that provide the context, structure, and object recognition needed for AI training sets.

Data labeling with meta tags provides the context, structure, and object recognition needed for AI training sets. This type of annotation can identify parts of a text and add information for machine learning systems. This can include linguistic annotation, entity annotation, and sentiment analysis.

Image & Video Annotation & Transcription

You can improve your computer vision and pattern recognition solutions by getting quality human annotation of image data

If public data sets are not enough, DK can provide customized image annotation. We offer annotation services like bounding boxes, semantic segmentation, image classification, and text transcription. With a global team working in over 60 languages, DK can provide clean, multilingual data for your machine learning

Audio Annotation & Transcription

Transcribe and annotate your audio data to convert it into a format that can be read and parsed by AI.

Adding transcripts and descriptive meta tags to your audio can make it more usable for machine learning. Transcriptions allow AI systems and search engines to crawl your audio and understand it. Annotation provides richer information for machine learning models.

Audio Classification

Organizing audio data can help improve how well natural language processing works in tasks like speech recognition, chatbots, text

At DK, we specialize in audio classification for machine learning purposes. We have resources in over 60 languages, so we can meet your multilingual audio classification needs. Our human-based approach generates clean data sets to improve your natural language processing systems.

Sentiment & Intent Analysis

Categorize and annotate sentiment and intent in your text, voice, image, and video data with quality

Intention and emotion can be difficult for AI to interpret. To produce reliable results, AI often requires large training sets of sentiment data that have been annotated by humans. These data sets can include text analysis, social listening, emotion analysis, opinion mining, and language variations. DK is a global company with data analysis resources in over 60 languages that can meet your multilingual sentiment analysis needs

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