Multilingual AI Data Services

Power your AI with Multilingual Data

We deliver custom solutions for AI training data sets. We evaluate each project for fit-for-purpose rules and guidelines. Our solutions are fully scalable, accurate, and adapted to your needs.

At DK Translations, we specialize in manually labeling text, images, video, and audio data to help train machine learning systems. We are leaders in providing high-quality, custom solutions for our customers’ AI training needs. For every project, we develop specific rules and guidelines tailored to the project requirements, in order to achieve higher accuracy and quality control. Our scalable technology solutions make it possible to handle large projects efficiently.

Text Data Collection

We offer custom text data in over 60 languages for your AI testing and training sets.

In order to create high-quality AI, you need large quantities of accurate data. Our team collects data specifically tailored to your system’s requirements. We have a network of qualified workers spanning the globe, which allows us to quickly scale our operation to match the size of your project. Additionally, our process of incorporating human input results in cleaner data than if we relied solely

Image & Video Data Collection

In order to train AI to recognize objects, you need a large dataset of images that are accurately labeled and annotated. DK Translations can provide custom image capture and annotation services to meet your needs, including bounding boxes,

To create high-quality AI, you need large sets of high-quality data. We collect data specifically tailored to your system’s requirements. With our team of experts located around the world, we can quickly scale to match the size of your project and cover more than 60 languages. Our process, which involves humans and machines working together, results in better data than either

Audio Data Collection

DK provides custom audio data sets that match your requirements for speaker profile, subject matter, and background sounds. With our global resources, DK provides voice data in over 60 languages for your multilingual AI systems.

Handwritten Data Collection

Handwritten text recognition requires large data sets of text images and their corresponding transcriptions and annotations. DK provides clean text data in over 60 languages. Our human-connected process ensures that your training sets are clean and accurate, so your OCR systems can learn


Do you need to test with data types that are too complex to scrape? We also curate fully customized data. Need bilingual sentences with inline HTML tags or emojis? How about one-minute videos with transcription and translation? Our solutions architects are ready to discuss your needs and provide proof-of-concept solutions.

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